Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writing a Blog is A Lot Like Homework

Once again I’m struggling to understand the popularity of blogging. After jumping wholeheartedly on the blogging bandwagon for a whopping—count ‘em folks—38 hours, I have failed to post anything in the past week. It’s because I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is a lot like that most dreaded of all activities, work.

Since I already do plenty of things in life that require effort and that do not result in a paycheck (i.e. laundry, showering, etc.) it is a little difficult for me to add another item to that long list. I also made the time-consuming mistake in my second post of creating a flowchart. For all you would-be or nouveau bloggers out there: Never try to create a flowchart if you are not a nerd. It is a lot harder than you might think, and then all your nerdy friends and relatives tell you how inaccurate it is and how they cannot follow a flowchart when the arrows go in two directions or when some of the items are missing arrows. (By the way, the version you see now is about the 100th version I’ve uploaded. So it is slightly better than version 1, but still far from perfect.) The reason I created a flowchart in the first place is because I realize my blog needs some kind of visual stimuli. But since this is a highbrow, conceptual blog (I bet you didn’t realize that, did you?) the pictures require effort, too, and I’ve got to get some napping in sometime.

For those of you who thought that this blog was about life in the high stakes world of publishing, I exhausted that topic in my first post. I hate themes; they box you in. Let’s try to think outside the box, people. (I wonder if a picture of a box would work here. No? Back to the drawing board, no pun intended.) But, since I am trying to promote my new book, Mr. Malcolm’s List, I will tell you that I received the proof copy from the printer Monday and it is absolutely beautiful. Well worth the $10.95 price tag, hint, hint. I’m still not sure what the actual release date is; apparently it hits when feels like updating their catalog. But it should be sometime this month from what I’ve been told.

In the meantime, I’m going to release a Kindle edition, for all you Kindle owners out there. (Maybe a link placed here would make this blog feel interactive. Here’s a link to’s Kindle: Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation))

I’m also thinking of publishing a short book of humorous essays in Kindle edition. My next blog entry will contain a sample for your reading enjoyment. (I was going to include it in this blog entry but I just realized I could stretch this one post into two, which will mean I can go take a shower or do some laundry or something.)

Also, until I come up with some better illustration ideas, here’s a picture of my cat, Lily:

(Here's an obscure grammatical challenge for all you grammar geeks: Am I supposed to capitalize the "a" in a title if it's part of the word "A Lot" as in, "Writing a Blog is A Lot Like Homework"? Or is it supposed to be: "Writing a Blog is a Lot Like Homework"? Or even: "Writing a Blog is a lot Like Homework"?)

I think I just proved my point.


  1. Very excited for you! Congratulations on the book.

  2. 多谢! I really just want to be you. I am so jealous of your life right now. :)