Friday, March 13, 2009

"Mr. Malcolm's List" is Now Available!

I know there are like six people out there who are really interested in purchasing my second book, MR. MALCOLM'S LIST. Good news! It is now available! Here is a link to it on Mr. Malcolm's List

I'm not sure why the meta data (that's what we folks in the publishing world call the blurb, cover photo, etc.) isn't showing up yet on does have everything updated correctly. Here's that link: Mr. Malcolm's List at Barnes and Noble

If you want to know what it's about, and you're too lazy to click on the Barnes and Noble link, here is the back cover blurb:

The Honorable Mr. Malcolm has a secret. This elusive matrimonial prize, long the target of desperate debutantes and their matchmaking mothers, is well known for his fastidiousness. What is not well known is that he has a list of qualifications for his future bride.

Can any woman hope to win the heart of such a hardened critic? Selina Dalton can only try her best. And when she begins to succeed, Jeremy Malcolm is not sure whether he has discovered the perfect woman…

Or the perfect hoax.
Sounds intriguing, right? Now I bet there are at least eight of you anxious to read it. (Just don't borrow copies from each other. I've got bills to pay.)


  1. It absolutely does sound intriguing! I'm excited!

  2. Thanks, Alyssa! You're sweet.